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This web site is now closed. Any content within the site should be deemed out of date. The site remains for historical purposes only in order that the achievements of this responder scheme has a lasting legacy.

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Nina joins the team

Nina Lintott is our newest team member. She lives on the Heatherside estate and here is a recent article published about her in the Heatherside Newsletter.


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Peter gets fit for charity

secamblogoPeter Glover, Responder Operations Manager for Surrey, and also a well respected Responder in our community, will be running (well maybe jogging and walking!) for charity shortly, all in the name of a great cause – Frimley Park Hospital Childrens Ward.

Here is the story in his own words:

“I am sure when people mention my name, the words athletic, sportsman, fit, agile and slim like, would not spring to mind and yet I am 4 days away from participating in a 10K Charity Run to raise money for Frimley Park Hospital Children’s Ward.

This has been made even more poignant for myself with some unforeseen events.

Cameron (my eldest son) is six and attends a local mainstream school. His best friend is a little boy called Jack who is in his class –  at times they are inseparable they both like Star Wars, they both have red hair and freckles and share many other likes and dislikes.

Unfortunately without going into too much detail Jack is far from a healthy, normal child and every day has a degree of uncertainty – will he make it to school? will he make it through the day? how will he be when he gets home?.  On several occasions this term Jack has collapsed at school and had to be rushed to Frimley Park where he has open access to the Children’s Ward. He is then usually transferred to Great Ormond Street.

This 10K run has been on the cards for some time. It’s my way of getting motivated and get myself fit. I am no different to anyone else and need a motivation and out of the mouth of Cameron I am going to run for Jack. As an added incentive Cameron thinks his daddy can do it if he raises £250. You try explaining to a six year old that I have four days not only to get myself finally ready but to raise £250.

Cameron’s response ‘you have friends like Jack haven’t you dad?’ And he is right. And that is why I was wondering if you be able to spare £2/3 (cash) or written to Frimley Park Hospital if it is a cheque.

 I am going to try to post a daily bulletin on my facebook, so if you want to know how it’s going check it out at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=637482121

One worrying point, this is it Ann commented on the course route. She said ‘Look it starts outside A&E and finishes at the mortuary!’ Let’s hope she is joking” Warm Regards Peter Glover.

If you would like to sponser Peter, or you know of a business sponser, please send any donations to:

Peter Glover Fun Run c/o – 2 Heron Close, Mytchett, GU16 6JH.

We all wish Peter well in his quest for charity and of course will be supporting him all the way.

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The Scheme Evolves

Just as the Deepcut Scheme developed into Surrey Heath Responders several months ago, so the time has come to evolve and diversify further.

As one of the most established and experienced teams in Surrey, the Surrey Heath First Responders have been training and mentoring surrounding groups with a long-term view of helping them to establish new schemes and become self-sufficient.

The first of these schemes went live in February and six of ‘our’ responders will transfer to the scheme, known as Rushmoor Responders, under the leadership of our former deputy Steve Dowley.

If you look at the map at https://cfrsurreyheath.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/responder-coverage-continues-to-expand-into-2009/ essentially the A331 will act as the divider, with those responders to the West moving into the Rushmoor Scheme.


In conjuction with this move, we have a new SECAmb interface in the form of our very own Peter Glover who is currently seconded as Responder Operations Manager for Surrey, which means we now have a local SECAmb officer available to support us.

We wish the Rushmoor Responders the best of luck in their new venture and will continue to collaborate closely as our colleagues progress. You can keep tabs on them also at http://www.rushmoor-responders.com

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